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The Feeling of Isolation Within a Group

Whenever an older group of friends get together, they usually include their spouses or significant others. It is a way for everyone to interact and have a good time together, but those who are between relationships can feel lonely. They see all their friends enjoying the attention of someone who loves them, and their lack of companion singles them out. They feel as if they are a fifth wheel on a vehicle that only requires four, and the feeling of being isolated in a group can cause them to avoid social engagements with their friends.

Holidays are most difficult

Being alone for the holidays is not the end of the world, but it is a difficult time to be without a significant other. Relationships give people companionship in many ways, and holidays are a time to share social time with loved ones. If there is no one to share it with, even being in a group is emotionally difficult. The feeling of being lost or alone can be magnified by those who look around them to see everyone has someone special, but they are left in the cold. It can turn their former witty conversation into a struggle, and they will often find they have little to discuss with anyone.

Attending special events

Every family or group of friends often has special events they celebrate, and being alone can be a burden. Couples tend to talk to other couples, and it can leave a single person feeling they do not belong. Rather than diving in wholeheartedly, they might take a step back in this social situation. They feel the loss more keenly than ever when there is no one by their side, and it can lead to feelings of inadequacy. If just one event with friends or family makes them feel this way, they might rationalise it is best to avoid all events until they have a relationship of their own. It can lead to a permanent situation of avoidance unless they find help.

A social partner

Attending events with friends and family is an important part of being within a social group, so it is important to find a social partner. For those who are not willing or ready to get into a relationship, contacting a dating agency can help them with their situation. They can book a fun date to go with them as a social partner for their holiday or special event, and it will give them the ability to feel they are part of the group without investing in a relationship. Best of all, their dates can be booked for continuing social events without an investment in a relationship.

It is always difficult to be the only one in a group without a relationship, but it should not be a reason to become isolated. Attending events with friends and family is a time that should be enjoyed by even a committed single person, so finding a temporary social partner is important. Contacting an agency to provide a date for one or more of these events is a way to help avoid isolation that can be devastating for even the least social person.